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10 Best Alani nu energy drink flavours review-2023 (All the facts!)

Alani nu energy drink- a game-changer popular brand introduced with appetizing flavour & hearty ingredients.

Definitely, these drinks are rocking the fitness industry, bringing the best flavours with impressive names & daringly coloured cans. Try Alani nu energy drink- fruitarian, non-GMO & sugar-free content.

The most stunning fact is the high caffeine content which makes this energy drinks an A+ grade. Also, a wide range of delectable flavours – almost 10 option-hooked us with these drinks strongly. 

Hence, which Alani nu energy drink flavour should you try? Here we present the 10 Best Alani nu energy drink flavours review-2023 (All the facts!) Buckle up!

10 Best Alani nu energy drink flavours review with nutrition guide:

These reviews & are based on our honest reaction after testing every flavour. We bought all Alani nu energy drink flavours, tried them out, and then ranked up 10 Best Alani nu energy drink flavours review.

Definitely, this energy drink looks appealing with stunning packaging. Further, you will only hit some of the flavours though Alani Nu offers you reviving energy. Travellers must try out Alani nu energy drinks to boost their travelling energy.

All flavour of Alani nu is manufactured following GMP compliant facility. Let’s break down all the flavours; keep on scrolling!

Alani nu energy drink

1-Cosmic Stardust:

Unique with a sweet-tart taste. We have become a hot fans of this Alani nu energy drink flavour. The cool can art create great vibes.

Its cotton candy-like sweetness & berry-similar flavour must touch you; not harsh on digestion; no need to brush your teeth after this drink.

It’s super delicious; the tastes make us focused afterwards; probably, the grapes-like smell makes it taste so good!

Hence our top recommendation is to taste this refreshing, super tasty, and crisp energy drink! A perfect booster before a workout or while anyone needs a pick-up!

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Alani nu energy drink mimosa flavour makes our mouths shut; just speechless. Hence, we place this flavour on our list 2nd.

Basically, it gives a perfectly orange citrus flavour, which is excellent thirst-quenching. There are no side effects like stomach pain; it is a good caffeine


I’ve placed Mimosa, a great alternative energy booster, instead of my afternoon coffee. While you need a refreshing flavour, pick this delicious drink; it is not too bold or sweet and enhances your energy for a few hours.

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3-Cherry Slush:

With constant improvement, Cherry slush offers unique flavour tastes similar to cherry slushies. Packed with 200 mg of caffeine give you bloom energy in your fussy time.

This flavour comes with strong vanilla notes, all the nutrients, and the perfect sweetness that must impress you.

Enjoy a more reviving drinking experience; a mild carbonated, only 10 calories & zero sugar energy drink.

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4-Blue Slush:

With stunning blue colour, this icy Blue Slush Alani nu is introduced with half raspberry and half blueberry flavour.

You will feel ocean-like feelings, perfect for chilling up on a hot summer day or after working a long hour.

Don’t worry. There is no chance of throat burning. It comes with medium carbonation. But its high flavour profile must thrill you with only one sip.

Pick this drink from any grocery store, accessible in a 12-pack if you can store nature like me.

5-Watermelon Wave:

Pretty tasty as a great watermelon fan; I fell in love with this flavour when I saw this flavour.

But it tastes seems like watermelon candy or sometimes Orange Crush. Whatever, with enough caffeine & superb taste, I used to take this in the afternoon.

The cans are beautifully designed, with bright colours on them. They look like they’d be amusing to collect!

Alani nu Watermelon Wave flavour is designed with a beautiful colour can, & fun graphics. You may find this drink’s flavour slightly overwhelming.

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6-Berry Pop:

This drink doesn’t contain an aftertaste; it’s ok, offering sweet flavour but not more. You will enjoy the berry pop taste perfectly, but we found Welch’s strawberry soda taste with no extra sugar.

Hence chill up with this refreshing carbonated Alani nu energy drink; no chance of getting overwhelmed or burp-like feeling.

Most of our gang like this drink flavour—it’s just right! Get vitamins as a bonus. Lastly, Overall, you should try this drink pack definitely.

7-Hawaiian Shaved Ice: 

We found this flavour really overpowering; the taste was good, but we mixed a few waters & discover it a little bit better. We explore slightly the same as watermelon & strawberry.

We assure you Hawaiian Shaved Ice will be a great choice to enjoy something different. While you are a coconut-flavour lover, this flavour suits best made in heaven.

It’s absolutely unique; no match with shaved ice or a typical snow cone. Hence why are you late- get fast caffeinated power- no crash aftertaste.

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8-Trippy Hippie:

Alani nu Trippy Hippie serves you citrus piña colada tastes which were originally great initially. Once you taste this drink, your energy level will boost up & stay strong all day.

But one thing that makes me puzzled that’s its fake sugar quantity; I feel my mouth sticky & linger on my tongue.

 Whatever, if this dinking flavour cuts back the fake sugar presence, then it will be super to take.

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Alani nu Breezeberry flavour is one of the best flavours. Its taste is good enough then the blue slush; it seems like blue raspberry.

This zingy & refreshing drink serves you a fast caffeinated boost; the perfect quantity of carbonation will make your tongue fizz on.

We found this drink perfect, not too sweet or sour. The price is also ok; no need to break the bank- of course, another reason to love this drink.

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This flavour is mostly hot from this brand; it comes with Pina colada flavoured –so yummy to taste! But not the exact taste, but it definitely has the pineapple taste with a little coconut flavour.

While taking this, one feels like on a tropical vacation, a good energy booster. No chance of being overwhelming and perfectly delicious; enough sweetness, delightful.

We highly recommend this flavour; a great pre-workout. Also, equally energetic even in mid-afternoon or whenever you need extra pep.

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How much sugar is in an Alani Nu energy drink?

The most significant sight of this Alani Nu energy drink is that it is totally sugar-free. This drinking option will be your great choice while on a strict diet.

Obviously, these sugar-free drinks only contain 2g of sugar alcohol; the rest are false sweeteners, erythritol or sucralose.

One real experience is that I had terrible stomach pain after taking an energy drink. But Alani Nu energy drink relive my terrible stomach turning into happiness.

Though I am not confirming what’s the main of my stomach issue; sugar-free nature or best ingredients criteria. This energy drink goes best with me, even in your diet.

 Hence, if you are going with the same problem with sugar alcohol, Alani Nu is the best suit for you.

Are Alani Nu energy drinks healthy?

Though the health definition isn’t similar for everyone, my experience says these drinks are fantastic healthy options over other familiar energy drinks.

Along with Sugar-free criteria, these drinks contain low-carb, only 5g of carbohydrates & low-calorie, only 10 calories in a can. B vitamins ingredients make it more powerful.

Moreover, a 12 oz Alani Nu energy drink contains 200 mg of caffeine, a very sensible option for many. Personally, I recommend you to try out 1/2 a can at first to observe its performance.

Lastly, considering other competitors Alani Nu is obviously a powerful & healthy option. Please ignore these energy drinks while you are forbidden to take artificial sweeteners in your diet.

Dietary chart of Alani Nu energy drink:

With its standard size of 12 fl oz, Alani Nu is mostly a nutrias drink if competed to others. Let’s show what this drink contains inside.

Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates4g
Sugar Alcohol1g
Vitamin B122.5mcg
Pantothenic Acid5.3mg

Alani Nu energy drink consists of the following:

Artificial sweeteners sucralose or erythritol are applied in Alani Nu energy drinks; you already know these facts. Let’s peep up all the exciting ingredients:

  • Carbonated water
  • Citric acid
  • Taurine
  • Erythritol
  • Sodium citrate
  • Caffeine l-theanine 
  • False & natural flavours
  • Sucralose
  • Extract of Panax ginseng
  • Preservative- potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate
  • Acesulfame potassium
  • Vitamin b-3- niacinamide
  • L-carnitine tartrate
  • Sodium chloride
  • Seed extract of inositol, guarana
  • Gum acacia
  • D-glucuronolactone
  • Vegetable or fruit juice for colouring purposes

Final thought:

I hope our 10 Best Alani nu energy drink flavours review answers you a lot. Alani Nu is a pretty simple energy drink overall, presenting many options. All the flavours are individually unique.

Remember to share your preference in the comment box!

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