Hotel in Prague Old Town.

10 Best Hotels in Prague’s Old Town.

The best hotels in Prague’s old town will make your trip much more enjoyable. One of the most picturesque areas in Europe is the Old Town in Prague.  There are colorful buildings, historical landmarks, and cobbled streets.  Prague’s Old Town is a perfect place for the wanderlust. 

Prague’s Old Town is full of history and culture. The cobbled streets, ancient architecture, and historical monuments here are particularly attractive.  There are many great hotels to stay at.  All hotels have different attractions and facilities.

Today’s article will tell you about the best hotels in Prague’s old town. So that you don’t have to worry about where to stay in Prague’s old town.

Hotels in Prague's Old Town.

Let’s explore the 10 Best Hotels in Prague’s Old Town details to unwind:

If you r in hurry-

  • Best luxury boutique hotel- “U Prince”
  • best budget-friendly hotel- “Hotel CUBE Prague.”
  • Top choice of young traveler- “Unitas Hotel.”

1.    Hotel CUBE Prague-best modest & budgets friendly hotels.

Hotel CUBE Prague is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  It is a modern and stylish hotel.  Travelers offer a variety of room suites for all types of travelers, whether for business or pleasure.

The rooms of this hotel are spacious, and comfortable to stay in. Rooms have modern decor and lots of natural light. 

The staff at this hotel are very friendly. Always ready to give essential travel tips and recommendations here. Hotel CUBE is one of the best hotels in Prague’s Old Town. 

Most stunning facts:

  • Rooms featuring modern decor.
  • Breathtaking view of the city from the rooftop.
  • Bar and lounge area.

2. Deco Imperial Hotel-best historical hotel in the old town of Prague.

Art Deco Imperial Hotel is a luxurious and historic hotel in the old town of Prague. The hotel’s cafe serves delicious Czech and international cuisine.  It’s perfect for quick lunches and romantic dinners.

This hotel is a luxury hotel in Prague’s old town for business or pleasure. The interior of the hotel is a beautiful and elegant display of Art Deco design.

Where there are luxurious materials such as geometric shapes, dark colors, marble, brass, and crystal. One of the best hotels in Prague’s old town for a comfortable and elegant stay for travelers.

  Most stunning facts:

  • Cafe imperial. 
  • Stained glass windows, intricate ceiling moldings,
  • And stunning chandeliers.
Hotels in Prague's Old Town

3. U Prince-best luxury boutique hotel.

U Prince is a luxury boutique hotel in Prague’s Old Town. The hotel offers modern amenities.  The rooftop of the hotel offers a stunning view of the Prague skyline. The terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the stunning views.

Unforgettable stay for travelers with exceptional amenities.  It is to be the wonderful hotel in Prague’s old town.

Most stunning facts:

  •  Stunning view from the roof terrace.
  • Traditional Czech food. 
  • Equipped with modern facilities.

4. Falkensteiner Boutique Hotel Prague-best hotel for a sophisticated and comfortable experience.

Falkensteiner  Boutique Hotel Prague is a luxury 4-star hotel.  This hotel offers guests a sophisticated and comfortable experience.  There is a restaurant serving delicious Czech and international cuisine as well as an extensive bar. 

The vibrant city of Prague is just a short distance from this hotel. So, while staying here, guests can enjoy Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and Old Town Square as they are close by. It is a perfect place for sightseeing or for pleasure. It is a beautiful hotel in Prague’s old town.

Most stunning facts:

  • A wellness area with sauna and fitness facilities.
  • Restaurant serving international cuisine.
  • Beverage bar.

5. Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague-best hotel for exceptional customer service.

Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic.  The hotel offers a variety of amenities to guests, including exceptional customer service.

The hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms with modern amenities. The hotel offers various services such as a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, and daily housekeeping.  This hotel is an excellent choice for travelers to Prague old town.

Most stunning facts:

  • Excellent location
  • Restaurant serving international cuisine.
  •  Airport transfer, laundry service

6. Unitas hotel-best choice hotels for young traveler.

Unitas hotel is a charming boutique hotels in prague’s old town.  Provides authentic experience for travelers.  The hotel has a variety of room types to suit the needs of travelers including single rooms, spacious rooms, and budget rooms.

Modern amenities include air conditioning.  Unitas hotel will be the best choice for travelers. It is the top hotels in prague’s old town.

Most stunning facts:

  • Comfortable air-conditioned rooms
  • On-site restaurant and cozy bar

7. The Julius Prague-best hotels to enjoy local attraction.

A luxury hotel in Prague’s old town is the Julius Prague. Includes luxury bedding, Wi-Fi, and minibar.  The hotel offers various facilities for the comfort and enjoyment of the guests.

The Julius Prague Hotel has a wellness center, sauna, and fitness center. The rooftop terrace is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day.  Being close to popular attractions, guests can easily enjoy themselves.

Most stunning facts:

  • Wellness center, fitness facility.
  • Proximity to major attractions

 8. Hotel General Prague-best hotels to test elegant.

Hotel General is a 5-star luxury hotel in Prague. The hotel has elegant and comfortable rooms to stay in.  Hotel General Prague is an excellent choice for accommodation needs.

Soft lighting and high-quality bedding ensure a comfortable environment and a good night’s sleep.  It has a variety of services including a fitness center and massage services.

Most stunning facts:

  • Modern facilities.
  • Fitness center, sauna, and massage services.
  • International quality food

9. Sky Suit Hotel-best hotels to enjoy ultimate comfort.

Sky Suit Hotel is a luxury hotel for guests.  The hotel is designed to offer guests the ultimate comfort and relaxation. The on-site restaurant and rooftop bar offer stunning views of the city. 

The hotel rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated. It has a fitness center, spa, and facilities for guests to relax.  It is the top luxury hotel in old Prague.

Most stunning facts:

  • Featuring modern amenities
  • Fitness center and spa
  • Serving gourmet cuisine

10. Jungmann Hotel-best hotels with modern furnishings.

The hotel is located on the border between Prague’s New Town.  Each room in the hotel has new furniture, a private bathroom, a telephone, LCD satellite TV, a minibar, free WiFi, and air conditioning.

Its rooms are decorated with modern furnishings in light earthy tones.  It is the best hotel in Prague’s old town.

Most stunning facts:

  • Guests can relax in the café.
  • Air-conditioned rooms.
  • The National Museum is a ten-minute walk away.

Hope the information I provided will make your trip to Prague a lot easier.  Share with your friends if you like it.  Thank you.

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